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Public and private blockchains, Dapps, ICO software

Websites for running an ICO

Our team has developed few websites, which can help you to run the successful ICO. Each website allows your investors to sign up, pass KYC, buy project’s tokens. The website can be deployed in 24 hours. If you have any questions – feel free to contact us (contact@softblocks.co).

Website also has an API, which allows you to automate the work with your users database. The integration with SendPulse is available.

Used technologies:
Linux, Python, PostgreSQL, Vue JS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Celery




KYC platform

This platform allows our clients to integrate the KYC process into their projects. The project type doesn’t matter – it can be an ICO, crypto exchange, some legal service, investment platform and so on. Besides the administrator interface, the platform also has a REST API.

For now, we’ve processed the personal data of more than 120.000 persons.

Used technologies:
Python, Linux, PostgreSQL, Vue JS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Celery



Ethereum-based platform for creating contracts between bloggers and advertiser

For Efir.io platform, we’ve developed and launched, which allow bloggers and advertisers to create contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The contracts are implemented as a Ethereum smart-contracts and can protect both parties of the transaction.

The project is implemented in micro-service architecture and can be modified for new needs:
– adding new types of contracts
– adding new platforms (Twitch, Facebook, etc)
– implementing new oracles

Used technologies:
Ethereum, Solidity, PostgreSQL, Celery, Sentry, Truffle, Python, Linux, ERC223



ETHletter platform

Platform ETHletter is a gmail service, which allows their users to set up the price for incoming emails. Thanks to the Ethereum smart-contracts, users can receive the rewards in Ethers, without any additional complexity.

Service has high throughput performance, which allows to process more than 1000 mails per second.

Used technologies:
Python, Linux, Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Rspamd, Lua, PostgreSQL, Celery





This project allows to developers to architect and implement systems, which needs to operate with thousands of different crypto currency wallets. This problem is actual for crypto exchanges, payment processors, mixers and so on.

For now, the project is open source, all the source code is available on the Github.

Used technologies:
Python, Linux, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Geth

Supported currencies:
bitcoind, bitcoin ABC, geth, geth-classic, litecoind, zcashd, dashd, vertcoind, navcoind, dogecoind, emercoind, reddcoind


This package allows you to develop the Tendermint applications with the Python language. For now, the latest version of the ABCI protocol is supported. The project is open source, all the source are available on the Github.

Used technologies:
Python, Pip, AsyncIO, Protobuf

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