A team of blockchain outsourcing professionals.

Public and private blockchains, Dapps, ICO software

Our team has been developing blockchain software since 2014.
Meanwhile Softblocks has grown from a small group of blockchain specialists into a company able to implement projects of high complexity.
If you have a non-standard project where non-standart technologies should be used, tight schedule and high quality requirements – you are at the right place.

Softblocks is an global software outsourcing company
that offers the development of blockchain applications and its integration with client-server technologies.

Niche expertise

We have been specializing in blockchain software development since 2014.
Narrow specialization enables us to use most modern and sophisticated tools in your blockchain projects.

Full range of blockchain technologies

At Softblocks we use almost all available
blockchain tools. Your project will be implemented via usage of well known platforms or new and experimental technologies.

Startups specifics

Startups make a significant part of our clients. We know what startups need. We provide solutions when a customer has no skilled developers on the staff, software design documents are absent or the business idea is absolutely innovative.

Quality and reporting

Quality is our priority. Our quality management system is unique for blockchain industry.
At any stage of the project the customer will have access to the detailed information on implementation of the project.

Flexible Customer Service

Deadline shift, change of the requirements and documentation is not a challenge for our team. We use Agile Methodology including scrum and short iterations for project management.

Simple language

Blockchain industry is developing rapidly and many its concepts are still misunderstood by the customers. We always use simple language and can explain any of our step to a non techie person.

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